Video documentary: ELAS operation at AUTh for evacuation of occupation that lasted 34 years


After 34 years, it is over in an occupation, in a university space of AUTh, with the intervention of EL.AS.

The evacuation operation was carried out by ELAS under extreme secrecy early on the morning of Friday, December 31st.

Strong security forces – in the presence of a court official and accompanied by police dogs – carried out a “raid” around 6 in the morning in the so-called “Organic Hangout” which was occupied for about three decades and was used by students and academics.

Police officers with lenses in the first phases in the first phases in order to see if they were within the building squads, and then workers who started work on his configuration as – .gr- the Rector’s intention is to use the space for the benefit of the university community and students.

In the “Hangout in the Organic”, were reportedly found dozens of helmets, poles and tools for construction work, such as shovels and other items collected by police.

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