Important information about what happened on the night of the tragedy in Tempe was given through his apology memorandum by the contracted station master, who was on duty on February 28.

The 33-year-old had received certification last January and in February he got a job at the Larissa station office. However, he was in a block and was not allowed to be alone, nor was he allowed to work at night.

“My psychology is not good. I am devastated by the accident. I am sorry that so many people have lost their lives. I have a burden. But I feel relieved with the decision of the judicial authorities. I was supportive. I did not have the first role in the movement of trains,” he said in his memorandum.

He said he was paid with a pad and on February 28 he went to school shortly after 10pm, after completing his 8-hour shift.

“The work I provided to OSE was 40 hours a week, 5 days a week, 8 hours a day. Although it was described as a contract of independent services, it was a contract of dependent work, as I was under the direction of superiors.

A permanent chief station master, the most senior, hands over the shift and a permanent takes over. The reinforcement does not sign, does not deliver,” he emphasized.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, the apology, also with a memorandum, of the experienced station master who handed over to the fatal station master, on whose shift the greatest railway tragedy in Greece occurred, is scheduled.