Apricot producers in Halkidiki are in despair after Monday’s severe hailstorm, which was the “gift shot” to the already damaged crop – from the frost of the 2022-2023 crop year –

“15 minutes of hail was enough”

As reported by GRTimes the president of the Simantron Agricultural Cooperative, Vangelis Misailidis “the hailstorm lasted about a quarter of an hour, it was very strong and with a large local area. It started from Simantra and expanded to Portaria, Agios Panteleimonas and Olynthos. 15 minutes was enough to destroy 100% apricot production.”

“We are financially ruined”

In addition, the producer refers to a complete financial disaster, pointing out that there are no table apricots left even for… a sample, while what is left is headed for composting and dilution for juice.

“Of course, the price of compote and juice is much lower. The producer does not win. We are talking about a total economic disaster” completed.


“We are hanging on to ELGA”

The survival of the industry now depends on government compensation, as the farm income for the growing season is nil.

“Yesterday, the declarations of damage from the hail started in the community, which will be paid until M. Thursday (13/4). A team of ELGA came and carried out an on-site inspection of the fields. The compensation can be paid in one year, however we hope to receive an advance payment by September because our income this year is zero and we are literally “hanging” from ELGA”adds Mr. Misailidis.

Last year, 3 million euros were paid for the frost

Finally, it is recalled that the ELGA for weather phenomena paid from the state budget for the years 2020, 2021, 2022 approximately 380 million euros in addition to farmers’ contributions, while over 1 billion euros has been paid in compensation for the same years.

Out of a total of 13,418 acres with apricots in Halkidiki, 11,390 are productive and after the announcements, 3 million euros were paid for 9,000 acres.