His own version of the events he denounced against him 17 years old student from Belgium, the well-known football player is expected to give to the investigator today (goalkeeper) accused of rape, sexual indecency of a minor and possession of drugs.

The defendant, who will be brought before the investigator at 10:30, allegedly denies what the minor claimed against him to the Police, claiming that he was not sexually abused. The defendant, who is awaiting the results of the forensic examination, is said to be intending to ask for material to be searched from the store premises, from which, according to what was stated by his lawyer Panagiotis Papadopoulos, it will be proven that the student is lying. “He is innocent. He never committed any act of violence or rape,” said the defense attorney, quoting the goalkeeper’s statement.

According to what is stated in the case file, the alleged rape took place in a bar in Kolonaki where both the accused and the minor were with her classmates who came to Greece as part of a school trip on the evening of Holy Monday.

According to the student’s complaint, his football player Volosalthough she showed that she did not wish to approach him – in an obscene way – she did not hesitate to proceed with a specific sexual act.

The incident appears to have created tension between the children and the alleged perpetrator, who was in the store with a fellow athlete, resulting in an episode breaking out between them outside a bar in the early hours of Holy Tuesday. Those involved were taken to the Department, as the Police arrived at the scene. There the girl, who in the meantime had left the area and was notified to go to the Police, reported what had happened before against her by filing a lawsuit against the football player.

It is noted that the case filed by the Police concerned lewd acts against a minor, who in this case is over 15 years old. However, the Prosecutor upgraded the case, considering that the alleged acts constitute rape, an offense which in this particular case does not involve violence, but the refusal of the victim and is now punishable by up to 10 years in prison.