Reporting: Makis Synodinos

Gatherings are currently underway in the center of Athens for Labor Day.

Crowds of protesters have gathered in the streets outside and around Parliament.

The GSEE-ADEDY block is attended by the president of PASOK-KINAL Nikos Androulakis.

French trade unionists also participate in the PAME block.

At this time, Amalias, Panepistimiou and Stadiou are closed.

May Day

The pre-concentrations were set at the following points:

  • Kaningos Square: Federations, Unions and Struggle Committees of workers in the private sector.
  • Omonia: Federation of Craft Associations of Attica, Associations and Associations of Professionals, Craftsmen and Merchants, Women’s Federation of Greece, Women’s Associations and Groups, Pensioners’ Federations and Associations, mass bodies of the municipality of Athens, the South-West, West, North-West and North Districts of Athens.
  • Propylaia: Unions of Public and Private Education, Unions of Workers in Universities and Research Institutions, Student Associations, Student Coordinators.
  • Pillars of Olympian Zeus: Unions of Health and Special Education, Unions of ministries, Decentralized and Regional Administration, Unions of municipalities, mass organizations of the Eastern and Southern Districts of Athens.

May Day

Contribution of Alexandras and Kifisias avenues: Distributors in the food industry and couriers.

Gatherings in Thessaloniki

In Thessaloniki, the pre-gatherings for the May Day gathering at the Statue of Venizelos were set at the following points:

  • Contribution of Tsimiski – Aristotelous: Unions in the Trade, Catering, Tourism and Services sectors.
  • Athos Square: Unions in the sectors of Construction, Transport, Food, Chemical Industry, Energy and other private sector unions.
  • Karolou Dill and Ermou: Unions in the field of Information Technology and Telecommunications.
  • Agia Sophia Square: Unions in the fields of Health, teachers, the State, Student Unions.

May Day