EL.AS made five arrests for buying votes and fake IDs on Saturday night. in Sofades Karditsa. The arrested, who according to the information are Roma, were in possession of crossed ballots and a sum of money for buying votes, as stated in the EL.AS announcement.

“Five citizens were arrested yesterday evening, Saturday, May 20, 2023, by OPKE police officers, in the area of ​​Karditsa, for violating the electoral legislation.

More specifically, during a check, in a vehicle owned by one of the arrested, 197 Identity Cards, a Passport, 2 photocopies of Identity Cards as well as a bag with 114 closed envelopes, each containing an MP candidate’s card and 5 ballots with his name “crossed” were found specific candidate.

At the same time, a total of 6,060 euros was found in the possession of two of the arrested.

The Security Department of Karditsa, which is conducting the relevant preliminary investigation, confiscated all the above found items, as the investigation revealed evidence of approaching voters within the settlement in order to vote for the MP candidate against a sum of money.

The District Attorney of Karditsa was informed about the incident.”