Applications will be accepted until June 30 beekeepers for inclusion in the “Equipment to facilitate movement” and “Financial support for nomadic beekeeping” programs. The applications together with the necessary supporting documents will be submitted through the special digital application on

According to the published gazette, potential beneficiaries of the action are active beekeepers who have at least 110 cells.

For the beneficiaries who, according to the data and documents declared and kept in the National Electronic Beekeeping Register, produce and trade during the previous calendar year from the year of submission of the application at least 5 kilograms of honey per occupied hivethe aid amount per eligible mobile cell is increased by 50%.

Also, the beneficiaries who make use of modern technologies (e.g. “smartphone photo GPS location” technology) and transmit electronically through a special digital application to the competent authorities digital photographic material, in which the mobile cells and the number of them, the exact position of the placement can be clearly distinguished of the hives, with their beekeeping code number easily readable, the exact position of the location via GPS and the date, the aid amount per eligible mobile hive is increased by 50%.

See the gazette here