An incredible story unfolded in Rosewhere it was revealed that a mother “leader” of a criminal organization, abandoned her 7-year-old boy in a hotel and ran away, after an attempted robbery and chase.

The child was found on the afternoon of May 20, 2023 in a hotel in Falirakiwandering alone and abandoned.

A patrol car of the AT Archangelos immediately went to the scene, where the minor was located, who was in good health.

An unsuccessful search was made for his mother, whose first name was revealed to the police by the child and it was established that she is a 31-year-old gypsy womanspiral leader, to which 8 thefts, burglaries and robberies are attributed.

The woman was in the area with her two other children and attempted to commit a theft but was noticed and ran away while being chased by neighbors and shopkeepers.

She took her other two children with her and abandoned the 7-year-old boy.

The child was transferred by order of the Criminal Prosecutor of Rhodes to the pediatric clinic of the General Hospital of Rhodes for examination and then to the orphanage.

The Criminal Prosecution of Rhodes has already initiated a procedure for a social investigation in order to proceed with the removal of custody of the child if it is deemed appropriate.

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