In a supplementary apology called by the Thessaloniki investigator the former TV presenter Stathis Panagiotopoulos for his involvement in cases of publicizing, via the internet, material with private moments of his former partners.

His call for an apology concerns the one of two cases for which he was arrested on the eve of Christmas 2021, when he was charged with a felony. For the other, he was referred to be tried on his own accord at the Three-member Court of Criminal Appeals of Thessaloniki.

As new information emerged from the investigation regarding the leak of one more “pink” video, which was found by the victim on a pornographic website (and for which a new lawsuit was filed), the investigator called him again to explain. The accused allegedly denied that he posted it, claiming ignorance of how it was leaked.

As soon as this file is also closed (for which the case file also includes 20 personal photos of the victim), it will be introduced to the competent Judicial Council to decide on its referral to trial.

It should be noted that the 59-year-old, who he is free on parolehad been convicted by the Criminal Court of Thessaloniki for a similar leak of “pink” videos (in the first of the total three cases who took the path of Justice) and was sentenced to 5 years in prison.

But against the decision appealed by prosecutorreasoning that the case should be upgraded to a felony and therefore referred to a higher court, which it did.