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Crete: Trapped due to bad weather – Extensive operation of the authorities


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An operation to free six citizens who were trapped in their cars due to bad weather, was set up at dawn about 1.5 to 2 kilometers above the Katharos plateau.

Specifically, and according to what the commander of the Lassithi Fire Service, Nikos Mitsogiannis, told ERT Heraklion, initially there were 10 people who asked – through 112 – for the assistance of the Fire Service as they were trapped due to the snow and frost.

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In the area, around 7 in the morning and under adverse weather conditions, a team of the Fire Brigade of Agios Nikolaos, a team of EMAK Heraklion and a machine of the Region rushed in order to open the road.

In the meantime, some cars had already left and two vehicles with six citizens remained at the scene, all men who had turned on the radiators to keep warm.

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Characteristic of the difficulty of the operation was that rescuers had to walk about 500 meters to reach the cars where they found that all passengers were in good health.

They were then transported safely to a cafe in the settlement.

According to officials of the Fire Service, there is – so far – no other request for assistance to citizens who face problems due to the weather, however, as the authorities emphasize, they are on alert.


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