This morning they are expected to pass his door appellant investigator, Sotiris Bakaimi, four Italian experts who will examine the recorder of the passenger train that collided on the night of February 28 with the commercial train, in Tempi, resulting in the loss of 57 lives.

With the assistance of the Italians, as well as with the conclusions of experts determined by the judicial authorities, it is expected that the final conclusion will be completed, from which it will be seen whether criminal responsibilities arise for other persons beyond the seven for whom criminal proceedings have been brought so far.

We remind that four accused personsfor the felony of disrupting transportation with two of them being remanded in custody. This is the 59-year-old Larissa station master of the night shift of the 28th, and the OSE inspector, who was in charge of the shifts. The station masters of the afternoon shift were released with restrictive conditions. It should be noted that all four are also charged with the misdemeanors of manslaughter by negligence and causing bodily harm by negligence.

Yesterday, the former president and managing director of the OSE as well as two members of the evaluation committee of the organization testified to the appellant investigator regarding their involvement in the transfer of the 59-year-old station master and the age limit. All three are accused of dereliction of duty.