The apologies of the 11 defendants, members of the self-proclaimed group, are in progress before the Three-Member Criminal Appeal Court of Thessaloniki “Guardians of the Constitution”, who are being prosecuted for the unprecedented incident of the kidnapping of the High School principal, in December 2021, in Aeginio Pieria, because were reacting to the measures against the coronavirus.

The indictment charges them that immobilized the principal as he was arriving at the school and after being handcuffed, they forcibly took him to a nearby police station, where they were finally arrested.

Three of the accused are temporarily held in prisons, while among those referred to trial is a retired EL.AS officer.

Those who apologized – so far – did not deny that they were present at the event, although some attributed their presence to “curiosity”, some spoke of “the school’s demand”, while they expressed their opposition to the then current measures for the coronavirus.

“Our aim was not to abduct, but to go to the police station to discuss” claimed a defendant, temporarily detained, who seems to have had a leading role in the controversial case. He said that there had been a discussion with the co-accused over the internet, while he left spikes against the principal for his behavior towards the parents because of his “obsession”, as he said, with measures and vaccines. “He didn’t want any conversation with us, he just told us that he is a “fan” of the measures and vaccines and wanted even the children to be vaccinated. He didn’t leave us any room to get in touch with him” he apologized.

From his side, the accused retired police officer stated that he did not realize that the high school student was handcuffed. “I said as a former colleague that lawsuits would be filed and begged them to keep him. We held a meeting and said let’s go and see how the requisition will be made – out of curiosity I went. I would not participate,” he noted. Her opposition to the mandatory mask and the measures in force at the school was expressed by a defendant, who characteristically said: “I was in the middle of the sea and I was looking for a lifeline”.

The process is ongoing, while the court’s decision is expected to be issued in the near future.