The implementation of the Action, “Integrated Interventions by the Hellenic Chamber of Commerce to strengthen the knowledge and skills of unemployed young graduates up to 29 years old, in dynamic sectors of the economic development model”, which the Hellenic Chamber of Commerce has undertaken as a beneficiary, is in full progress.

Where is the program for?

The program is aimed at:

  • 2,000 unemployed
  • Economics graduates
  • Age up to 29 years
  • Registered with OAED
  • From all Regions

Training subjects

Beneficiaries will participate in advisory guidance, training and knowledge certification services. The training subjects are:

  • Administration and Financial Management in the Tourism Sector,
  • Financial services,
  • Economic analysis,
  • Administration and Project Management,
  • Insolvency Management,
  • Internal control,
  • Advanced skills in using office applications (advanced excel) for finance employees,
  • Provision of financial services through innovative information and communication technologies (Fintech),
  • Providing services and analyzing the economics of cyber security.

Duration of the program

  • Hours: 380
  • Months: 3
  • Educational allowance: 5 euros/hour of attendance, together with legal deductions
  • Total amount: 1,900 euros

Counseling and training activities can be carried out either live or remotely depending on the choice of the beneficiaries.


Applicants to the program must:

  • They are registered in the OAED Unemployment Registers, with an unemployment card valid on the day of application submission, as well as on the day of joining the project, regardless of whether they receive unemployment benefits or not,
  • Have not reached the age of 29 on the date of submission of their application and on the date of entry into the Act,
  • They have a degree from a School of Economics in Greece (University or Higher Technological Educational Institution) or abroad, recognized by DOATAP,
  • They have not attended a training program in the same subject during the last two years prior to the publication of this call.

The application process

Each interested party must complete a single application for participation in electronic form by posting the necessary supporting documents online at

Those interested in their support when submitting their application can contact the phone number 2132141828 or the helpdesk ([email protected]).

The platform for submitting applications is open and will remain valid until the number of successful and runner-up candidates is filled.

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As stated by the President of the Economic Chamber of Greece, Konstantinos V. Kollias, “once again, we prove that we continue to stand by our members and support those who need training and continuing education. The era we are going through is characterized by intense competition, both within and outside borders. That is why we enable everyone to receive the appropriate supplies, so that they can respond to the demanding work environment”.