In front of a real one arsenal the police officers of the Lamia Security Sub-Directorate found themselves, conducting a search at the home of a 22-year-old man, who had been arrested earlier for violating the Code of Criminal Procedure.

The arrest took place at noon on Friday (2/6) in Agios Konstantinos, where the young man was riding a two-wheeled motorcycle without a relevant driver’s license.

In the legal investigation that followed at his house in the wider area, the police found and confiscated:

• pistol with magazine and carrying case, illegally possessed,

• 2 shotguns, which he also illegally possessed,

• air rifle,

• 4 metal swords,

• cartridges and cartridge cases, of various types & calibers,

• magazine and metal bipod of military rifle,

• wooden bat, 86 cm long,

• small amount of cannabis and metal cannabis grater.

A case file was filed by the Lamia Security Sub-Directorate for violation of the Law on Weapons and Drugs, as well as the Road Traffic Code, while the young man was released on a verbal order from the Prosecutor.