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Flávia G. Pinho

Valentine’s Day is one of the busiest dates for restaurants in São Paulo. It loses only to Mother’s Day, but it comes to be the first on the list among establishments that only work at night.

This is the case of the network Era uma Vez um Chalezinho. Specializing in fondues, the restaurant is popular on June 12th, especially when the date coincides with a cold night.

Dishes Served on Valentine's Day at Chou Restaurant

Dishes Served on Valentine's Day at Chou Restaurant

Dishes Served on Valentine’s Day at Chou Restaurant – Laís Acsa/Disclosure

This year, Valentine’s Day falls on Monday, which forced many addresses to open their doors exceptionally. The roadmap below lists restaurants that will be open and have even created special menus, with closed prices – prices do not include drinks and service. It is important to always consult the availability of seats.

31 Restaurant

On the 11th and 12th of June, chef Raphael Vieira will serve his vegetarian and vegan dishes à la carte or in the autumn tasting menu. The sequence (R$ 185 per person) of 14 recipes includes boiled cassava; pine nuts and beurre blanc sauce; potato with mushroom compote and sour cream; and black garlic ice cream.
R. Rego Freitas, 301, Centro; Instagram @31restaurant


The two units will serve a special five-step menu. Among the signature dishes by chef Telma Shiraishi are smoked mackerel with pancakes and yuzu lemon sour cream; sushi and sashimi; fish, octopus and squid with saffron dashi and black rice; and intense chocolate fondue with mochi (rice cake), matcha and fruit. It costs R$395 per person (or R$595 paired with sparkling wine and sake).
Al. Fernão Cardim, 39, Jardim Paulista and Av. Paulista, 52, 2nd floor, Bela Vista; website


The menu (R$290 per person) created by chef Giovanna Grossi has five stages and includes new dishes. After the glass of Era dos Ventos orange wine and the couvert, the starter is linguini with grilled oyster and caviar. There’s even braised lamb with polenta and hazelnuts for the main dish, baked apple pie for dessert — plus a petit four with limoncello to top it all off.
R. Vupabussu, 347, Pinheiros; website


On the 12th and 13th, service will be exclusive to those with a reservation, at two times: between 6:30 pm and 7:00 pm, or between 9:00 pm and 9:30 pm. There are, on the menu, suggestions such as wagyu drumstick crudo with celery, grain mustard and grana cheese (starter), ricotta tortelli with mushrooms, butter and herbs (main) and warm chocolate cake (dessert). It costs BRL 232 per person.
Rua Mateus Grou, 345, Pinheiros; website

Drosophyla Bar

On Monday night, couples can offer songs with dedications to their partners. The menu for two (R$285) includes a bottle of wine or two cocktails, starters, main courses and desserts. One of the combinations has gorgonzola arancini, squid and zucchini risotto and tiramisu. Anyone who makes a reservation wins ceramic hearts as a gift.
R. Nestor Pestana, 163, Consolação; website

Once upon a time there was a cottage

On the 11th and 12th of June, the two units in São Paulo will welcome couples with sequences that include antipasti, two savory fondues (cheese and filet mignon) and a sweet fondue (flavor of choice). Couples also get a photo as a gift. Early sale by Sympla website. BRL 549 per couple (1st batch) and BRL 649 per couple (2nd batch).
R. Itapimirum, 11, Morumbi, and R. Jorge Coelho, 160, Itaim Bibi; website


The two units will only receive couples who have a reservation. In the menu created by chef Fellipe Zanuto, all the dishes arrive at the table together: there is semi-cured cheese with orange jam, oven-baked rice with shrimp, margherita pizza, Milanese sandwich, heart of palm pie, salad and chocolate pavé. R$ 340 for the couple.
R. Borges de Figueiredo, 82, Mooca, and R. Clodomiro Amazonas, 216, Vila Nova Conceição;


Chefs Helena Rizzo and Willem Vandeven have created two five-course menus, which will be served by reservation only, at two times (7:00 pm and 9:30 pm). The vegetarian includes the following dishes: broccoli, seaweed, miso, salicornia, egg yolk + black onion, tulha, cocoa honey, tostada; tomato, jabuticaba, tagete; beetroot, smoked goat cheese, blackberry; porcini, Creole corn canjiquinha, baby corn, sorrel; and black forest, jabuticaba, blackberry, cumaru. BRL 450 per person.
R. Joaquim Antunes, 210, Pinheiros; website

Miya Wine Bar

The bar, located inside the Grand Cru store, welcomes couples with a menu created by chef Flávio Miyamura. It starts with corn tostada with marinated tuna and wakame salad and moves on to the Portuguese chestnut ravioli with foie gras broth. The main can be spaghetti with mushrooms and truffle salsa, grilled seafood with cauliflower puree or crispy suckling pig with creamed corn. Finally, there’s french toast with ice cream and jam. BRL 210 per person, or BRL 299 with wine pairing.
R. Padre Carvalho, 55, Pinheiros; Instagram @miyawinebar

São Lourenço Square

Only those who make a reservation will have access to the menu, whose main dish is cheese fondue with grilled angus chorizo, sausages and vegetables, breads and sauces. For starters, choose between pumpkin broth with ginger and canasta panzotti, mushroom and tomato. For dessert, there’s chocolate fondue. BRL 260 per person.
R. Casa do Ator, 608, Vila Olímpia, west region, website


The Canopy by Hilton hotel restaurant will serve the Valentine’s menu from June 10th to 12th. The sequence can start with salmon tartar or green salad with banana vinaigrette and proceed to the main course: beef wellington with pea puree or shrimp risotto with asparagus. Raspberry cookies with chocolate ice cream capped off the night. BRL 250 per person.
R. Saint Hilaire, 40, Jardim Paulista; Instagram @stella.jardins


After the shitake medallion with vegetables in coconut soy sauce, accompanied by quinoa farofa, spirulina, linseed, adzuki beans and pumpkin seeds, couples choose between flank steak with strawberry and aromatic pepper sauce, prawns flambéed in mango-infused vodka or salmon on the plantain. Chef Eric Thomas and chocolatier Ale Magre together created the Xocolati dessert: chocolate shot with chili and spices accompanied by pieces of different chocolates. BRL 377.80 for the couple.
R. Chilon, 364, Vila Olímpia, website

Tartuferia San Paolo

On the 11th and 12th of June, the three units receive lovers with a closed menu of classics, which can be paired with wines. Among the options are brie breaded with truffle honey, boursin ravioli with slices of almonds and a 56% chocolate sphere. The package for the couple includes a starter, two main courses, a dessert, water, soft drinks, juices, teas and coffees. R$320 per couple (or R$440 with a bottle of Italian wine).
Rua Ferreira de Araújo, 302, Pinheiros; website

D.inner balcony

The menu created by chef Fábio Lazzarini will be served with reservations only, to the sound of a piano. There are two starters to choose from (squid cappuccino with heart of palm cream or handmade sausage appetizer) and two main courses (octopus with romesco sauce or cut of meat of the day with your choice of garnish). For dessert, guava paste with cheese ice cream. BRL 180 per person.
R. Prudente Correia, 432, Jardim Europa; Instagram @varandadinner

Zillis Bar Lounge & Restaurant

Between the 9th and 12th of June, the house, which is located in the Bourbon Ibirapuera complex, will serve a special sequence of fondues to the sound of jazz and live MPB: one of Manchego and Gruyère cheeses; a mar & terra, with filet mignon and shrimp; and one of chocolate. The closed price entitles you to a bottle of white or red wine. $500 for the couple
Av. Ibirapuera, 2927, Moema; website

Source: Folha

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