A serious complaint is being investigated by the police authorities in Zakynthos according to which a tourist from Austria fell victim attempt rape from a monk in Ai George of Krimna.

As reported by ERT, the 32-year-old woman was attacked by the 42-year-old monk inside the monastery located in Volimes, Zakynthos.

The tourist he had visited the monastery, located in the same area as the Shipwreck, at noon last Friday.

The monk, who is a guest at the Monastery, as he comes from Ioannina, he approached her and started petting her. The tourist walked away, but he followed her, cornered her and attempted to rape her.

The 32-year-old managed to escape and a little later to report the incident.

Men from the Police Department of Zakynthos arrived at the Monastery and arrested the 42-year-old man in the context of the drive-by, who, as they found, he also had no documents proving that he is a monk. He was then taken to the prosecutor for the felony of attempted rape, as well as for breach of principle, due to the lack of documents.

Finally, the 42-year-old monk asked for and received a deadline in order to apologize.