free, without paying tolls, it will be the passage of citizens on all the highways of the country in order to facilitate their movement to the parliamentary elections of June 25, 2023.

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport issued an order for free passenger car crossings. and two-wheelers on all highways due to the holding of the parliamentary elections as follows:

  • For voters from 00:00 on Saturday 24 June 2023 (midnight Friday to Saturday) until 08:00 in the morning on Monday 26 June 2023.
  • For legal representatives, free crossings are valid from 10:00 am on Thursday 22 June 2023 until 24:00 Monday 26 June 2023. Toll-free passage will be made on presentation of the legal representative placement document , as well as their Police Identity Card.

HELLASTRON announces, on behalf of its members, that on the Attiki Odos, the Olympia Odos, the Nea Odos and the Central Hellas Odos, the Moreas Motorway, the Egnatia Odos, the Aegean Motorway and the Rio-Antirio Bridge, the passage of vehicles of categories 1 and 2 (passenger cars and two-wheelers) from the toll stations will be free of charge. For the vehicles of the remaining categories (buses and trucks), which do not fall under the above regulation, the payment of tolls will normally be made in the usual ways (electronic-manual).

Here are detailed instructions for the safe and smooth flow of traffic on these dates:

  • Crossing the toll lanes will be as usual as the toll booths will be in operation. For this reason, drivers should approach toll booths at normal low speeds so that they can stop until the toll collector completes the zero-fee transaction.
  • Transceiver holders may pass through the electronic lanes, where they are open, also free of charge. They should reduce their speed considerably in order for the automatic opening of the bar to work smoothly.
  • In the sections where the electronic lanes will be closed, free passage will be through the lanes with toll collectors.
  • Drivers will also be informed via illuminated Variable Message Signs (VMS), where available, that they must stop at toll booths.