We had a new incident with the pursuit of an immigrant smuggler in PATHE in its area Fthiotidas.

Just 5 days after the previous pursuit and arrest of the 24-year-old Syrian trafficker at the Mavromandila tollbooth, on the afternoon of Thursday July 13 we had the arrest of one more of his compatriots.

This time, according to his information LamiaReport, the suspicious car was rented, but the… “renters” never took care to return it to the company from where they got it. He was spotted shortly after 18:00 in the area of ​​Lamia and policemen of the 2nd Highway Traffic Department of Fthiotida started the chase.

With the guidance of the Center, a crew of AT Stylidas joined the “hunt”, while a signal was also given to the Magnesia Motorway Traffic. Finally the patrol car of Stylida with its crew 2nd TT Motorways of Fthiotidablocked the suspect vehicle at the Pelasgia Tollway.

According to the report of LamiaReport, its driver was a 28-year-old Syrian, who complied with the orders of the police and the pursuit ended without bloodshed. In fact, he is known to the authorities for similar cases of illegal trafficking of citizens of third countries and has been convicted in the recent past.

We remind you that the previous Saturday (8/7) a similar chase with a 20-year-old Syrian as the protagonist in the area of ​​Larissa had ended in a shooting and in fatal injury of the young trafficker.