Yesterday, a 50-year-old man of Albanian origin was brought before the investigator in Volos, accused of insulting sexual dignity, and specifically of indecent abuse at the expense of his 11-year-old niece, the daughter of relatives of his countryman wife.

After his plea, where he denied all charges, it was unanimously decided by the Prosecutor’s Office and the investigator to pre-trial detention him.

The gruesome acts attributed to him date back to September 2021, when the girl was just 9 years old, while the complaint against him was filed last March by the social worker of the elementary school in the district where the girl attends, who attended the 11-year-old in the context of intra-school psychological support.

She found that the child was exhibiting deviant behavior, while through the sessions she realized what was allegedly happening to the girl. The Prosecutor’s Office in Volos, receiving the complaint, immediately ordered an urgent preliminary investigation into the case, while the 11-year-old has already been examined by a child psychiatrist, to whom she testified about what happened to her, as well as a medical examiner. The social services investigation into the child’s family environment also reports conditions of neglect.

The 50-year-old alleged perpetrator had not been arrested, as the legal time limit for the spontaneous procedure had passed, while as mentioned above, before the investigator yesterday he denied that he had ever committed the acts attributed to him. His wife and his father-in-law, and the little girl’s grandfather presented themselves as witnesses for his defense, who together argued that the accusations were a product of the 11-year-old’s imagination.

The 50-year-old’s wife stated that she is by his side and believes in his innocence “I am not going to leave my husband anywhere. I will support him until the end. He is innocent, and until proven innocent I will stand by him.”

Similar was the statement of the lawyer of the alleged perpetrator, who commented “The forensic examination is “clean”. Here we have a defendant who came to court with the support of the little girl’s grandfather, whom he does not believe, and his wife, who are pillars by his side. Otherwise, we’ll see you at a later stage.”