Two new cases of tax evasion were detected by the auditors of the Independent Public Revenue Authority. These are beach bars, which were found either not to cut receipts, and/or not to transmit them to AADE.

The first is located on an island in the Sporades, for which it was found that:

  • First, he has hidden a turnover of 108,000 euros, since he had not forwarded 5,000 receipts of this total value.
  • Second, he had not cut receipts for the rental of umbrellas at the time of the inspection.

Auditors proceeded to close the business for 48 hours while they scrutinize its entire operation to finalize the final amount of tax evasion and calculate the total fine.

The second one is located in Thassos and there the receipt seems to have a collector’s value, given that, in the one hour that the inspectors remained on the beach, 88 receipts of value were not cut.

In addition to the 48-hour lockout of the business, auditors are investigating its tax behavior to determine whether the blanket non-issue of receipts for an hour was…a coincidence or not.