A few hours remain until the platform closes for completing and submitting the Computerized Report, since tomorrow, Monday July 17, 2023, at midnight, the deadline for the candidates of this year’s National Examinations expires.

Candidates should enter the special platform, at the online address https://michanografiko.it.minedu.gov.gr and using their personal security code (password) they have acquired, they can select the Computerized Card (MC) for admission to Higher Education and/or the Parallel Computerized Certificate (PMD) for admission to Public IEK.

It is noted that for the completion of the Computerized Form, (MD) the candidates will see and be able to choose those sections for which the average of their grades is equal to or greater than the EBE of each section, taken into account, where required, and of the EBE of the special course or the practical tests (competitions for TEFAA).

Computerized Certificate for admission to Higher Education can be submitted by:
Regarding the Parallel Computerized Report (PMD) for admission to the DIEK, candidates can also submit the Parallel Computerized Report for the Public IEK.

The following have the right to submit the Parallel Computerized Report for admission to Public IEKs:
– Candidates who submitted an Application-Declaration and participated in the 2023 2023 GEL/EPAL All-Hellenic Day or Evening Examinations.

– The final students of the day or evening GEL/EPAL of the current school year who did not participate in the 2023 GEL/EPAL National Examinations. The creation of the personal security code (password) by these candidates for the submission of a Parallel Computerized Report was or is being done at the GEL /EPAL that they were studying.

General advice

Candidates should print out and/or save on their computer the submitted finalized computer plan (which will automatically have a protocol number) so that they can see their final preferences at any time.

It is also worth noting that the deadline for submitting the Computerized Forms (MD and PMD) is exclusive and no candidate will be able to finalize them after it has passed.

For any information, support, even computer use that they may not have, candidates will be able to contact their high schools on Monday, July 17.

Finally, it is pointed out that the candidates who have been referred to the Repeated Nationwide Examinations of September 2023, submit a Computerized Report with their preferences, after the Repeated Examinations, when they will be able to obtain a personal security code (password).