The cooperation of the municipality of Chania with the Mediterranean Agricultural Institute of Chania (M.A.I.H.) continues with a new survey of qualitative characteristics on the tourist profile of foreigners who spend their holidays in Chania and their impressions of the city.

The research is conducted through a program contract signed by the mayor of Chania and the director of the institute, continuing the cooperation between the Municipality of Chania and MAICH, for the fifth consecutive year. The survey entitled: “Investigation of the profile of foreign tourists – visitors from abroad in Western Crete, via “I. Daskalogiannis” airport, degree of satisfaction with the services offered by the municipality of Chania and proposed improvements and upgrades”, which is carried out by the MA .I.X. with the funding of the Municipality of Chania, attempts to investigate the travel behavior, profile and preferences of foreign tourists visiting the Municipality of Chania, from July to October 2023.

The mayor of Chania, Panagiotis Simandirakis he emphasized that “the conclusions that are drawn every year from the research are a policy tool for us, because we know where we should put more emphasis, so that we can convincingly answer the issues that are raised”. Mr. Simandirakis noted that it is a particularly positive element for visitors to respond to the policies of the Municipality of Chania, with interventions to improve accessibility, the increase of green spaces, the placement of special markings (informational signs), with the temporary storage of luggage and “all these policies that ultimately give a better face to our country”. He also expressed the hope that the good cooperation of the previous years, which brought tangible results in the upgrading of tourist services, would continue this year with the same dynamics.

Mr. Baourakis on behalf of MAIH stated: “The findings from our close collaboration with the Municipality of Chania are very interesting. What emerges is that the foreign visitor has accepted new measures with great pleasure, such as the new signs that determine distances and directions, the institution of the suitcase that is in the New Shops, new green areas such as the renewed Municipal Garden, as well as the Chania municipality tourism social media which is in English. A very strong point is that now the Municipality of Chania is progressing on a path of sustainable development, which is the A and the Z, and we find it every day by researching the markets that visit us”.

For his part, the Deputy Mayor of Tourism, Nektarios Psaroudakis, emphasized that “the research, with figures and numbers, helps us to see and analyze valuable data and comes to be added to the sources in which we collect data on how the foreign visitor sees Chania as a destination. The resulting data is analyzed in the Tourism Committee of the Municipality of Chania, thus helping to draw up and develop the policy of the tourism good in the Municipality of Chania”.
The budget of the project amounts to the amount of four thousand five hundred euros (4,500 euros) which will be financed from the own resources of the municipality of Chania.