The tragedy in Nea Makri with the drowning of a 10-year-old girl in a residential complex pool on Sunday afternoon is shocking.

According to ERT, the girl’s family was on site and was preparing to leave, when shortly before 6:00 pm and while the mother was loading things into the car, the little girl was playing with a friend near the pool.

While they were playing, she apparently threw her mask into the water and dived to get it, where she stayed at the bottom of the pool for at least 3 minutes.

The child was recovered unconscious and a little later, at the health center where he was taken, his death was confirmed.

At the scene where the child drowned there were two private doctors, one of whom performed CPR on her, before the EMS arrived.

2 ambulances arrived at the complex within 12 minutes, while an ambulance arrived a little later, which took the child to the Nea Makris Health Center, where the doctors tried to revive him, but it was found that he was already dead.

It is recalled that Saturday afternoon a 6-year-old boy drowned at “Megalo Kavouri” beach. The child was transported by EKAB ambulance to the “Asklipieio” General Hospital of Voula, where unfortunately he was pronounced dead.

The Saroniko Port Authority, which is conducting the preliminary investigation, arrested the child’s parents for exposing the minor to danger (violation of article 306 of the Civil Code), while an autopsy has been ordered.