The part of the Crimean bridge through which cars pass and connects the peninsula with Russia has been damagedreports the Russian state news agency TASS, citing the Ministry of Transport.

The damage is located at the point closest to the peninsula, the agency said.

At the same time, TASS reported that the movement of railway trains through the infrastructure was “temporarily suspended” due to a state of “emergency”, citing the region’s railway organization.

Earlier, the Russian-appointed governor of the Crimean peninsula, Sergei Aksyonov, urged via Telegram residents and visitors to the region to avoid traveling across the bridge that connects it to Russia’s Krasnodar region. He spoke of a state of “emergency” in the infrastructure, without giving any further clarification.

Mr Aksyonov later said that train services are expected to resume around 09:00 [τοπική ώρα και ώρα Ελλάδας]. He added that the security services were to release more information on the causes of the state of “emergency”.

According to Ukrainian media reports, for example a report by the Kyiv Independent newspaper and an earlier cable by the RBC-Ukraine news agency, there were at least two “explosions” that killed two people on the bridge.

The Russian news agency RIA, for its part, reports that a child was injured, citing the authorities; it does not specify what his condition is.