The fire front, which has been burning since the afternoon in northern Corfu, is approaching the settlements of Santa and Megoula.

Powerful forces of the Fire Department, the civil protection of the municipality of North Corfu, residents and volunteers are fighting to bring under control the fiery blaze which is burning on a front of kilometers.

The mayor of North Corfu Giorgos Machimaris, who is in the settlement of Megoulas, speaking to APE-MPE said that “it is a difficult situation and the fire in the settlement of Megoulas has reached the first houses. Together with Civil Protection and residents who refuse to leave their homes because they want to protect their properties, firefighters and police are fighting to stop the front of the fire.”

Earlier, 112 was given for evacuation from the settlements of Portes, Megoula, Simies, Palea Perithia and Saga to Kassiopi.

Residents and tourists who have left the area, following the instructions of the message, arrived at the coastal village of Kassiopi.