The operation of the airport of Rhodes now refers to normal conditions and visitors from abroad are served seamlessly, without any problems in departures, as senior officials of the “Diagoras” airport informed the Deputy Minister of Tourism Elena Rapti.

The Deputy Minister visited the special support office set up at the airport to facilitate tourists from abroad, where she was informed about the assistance provided to travelers, not only those who lost their travel documents but also those who wanted to contact the authorities of their country or were looking for information about their flights.

The people in charge of the help desk even emphasized that, despite the unexpected conditions caused by the fire, the tourists are calm, “they were constantly thanking us and expressing satisfaction”.

The airport leadership, on its part, said that as part of its support to travelers, a special gate is operating at the passport control area at departures, so that those without travel documents can board smoothly.

Ms. Rapti also visited the first of the two lounges – rest rooms that have been created at the airport, using the 2,000 rangos that the government has delivered to the hospitality areas and the airport.