Bad weather “Elpis”: In which areas are the schools closed – Distance education instead of physical presence


The bad weather “Elpis” comes with all its intensity from the early hours of Monday, and students in many areas will stay home, even until Tuesday, with distance learning replacing physical presence.

In cases where the Local Government, due to competence, decides to suspend the operation of schools due to extreme weather events, the application of distance learning is provided in the morning for both Primary and Secondary education. Primary, Secondary Education and Special Education of the Ministry of Education and Religions, Alexandros Kopsis

E-learning is a valuable tool for the smooth continuation of the educational process when for exceptional objective reasons it can not be conducted for life, it is emphasized.

Schools in Attica will be closed on Monday 24 and Tuesday 25 January due to the wave of bad weather “Elpis” which is expected to become stronger from the early hours of Monday as decided by the Attica Region.

Moreover, the – with the physical presence of pupils / students – operation of the educational structures of OAED is suspended in all areas (Attica here – the rest of the country here), where the local government announces the suspension of their operation, due to extreme weather events.

The list of areas / schools will be updated based on the announcements

Central Greece

Regarding the closed schools, apart from the Municipalities of Karystos, Eretria and Kymi-Aliveri, relevant decisions were issued by the Municipalities of Limni-Mantoudi-Agia Anna and Chalkidea, according to which the schools of primary and secondary education will remain closed tomorrow. on Tuesday.

Also, with her decision, the mayor of Chalkida, Elena Vaka, suspends the operation of the kindergartens and the other educational infrastructures of the municipality, while decisions are expected from the other mayors.

In Fthiotida, with the decision of the vice-governor of Central Greece Thanassis Karakantzas, the schools will not be open tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday, due to the unfavorable weather conditions and the frost.

The Deputy Regional Governor of Fthiotida, as informed by, with the aim of preventing accidents and the safety of students due to the adverse weather conditions expected tomorrow and the day after tomorrow (Tuesday, snowfall, frost), decides to close primary and secondary schools. ».

The decision is valid in all the Municipalities of the Regional Unit of Fthiotida.

Simultaneously with his decision, the mayor of Lamia, Thymios Karaiskos, suspends the operation of the kindergartens of the municipality and the other infrastructures for the two days of Monday and Tuesday.

In Boeotia, the closure of schools in the Municipalities of Livadia and Aliartos-Thespies has already been announced, as well as in the Municipality of Distomo-Arachova, while it is a matter of time before relevant decisions are issued by the other municipalities.

Schools will remain closed in Achaia as well.

The schools of primary and secondary education will be closed in Naxos, on Monday 24 and Tuesday 25 January 2022, as decided by the mayor of Naxos and the Small Cyclades, Dimitris Lianos.

Mr. Lianos made this decision, taking into account the prevailing, unfavorable conditions due to snowfall and low temperatures, as well as the measures that must be observed due to the pandemic and the danger when accessing and staying in schools.
In Syros, too, with the decision of the Mayor, the -with the physical presence of students- operation of the schools of all levels of the Municipality is suspended, on Monday 24 and Tuesday 25 January 2022.

Schools will not be closed until Tuesday.

All schools in the Dodecanese islands will be closed on Monday 24 and Tuesday 25 January due to the expected bad weather conditions. Decisions were issued by the mayors concerning all primary and secondary schools.

The services of the municipalities will be on alert at the same time to deal with problems from the snowfall.


All schools in the Regional Unit of Chania will be closed tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday, January 25.

The decision was taken by the deputy regional governor Nikos Kalogeris given the extreme weather phenomena that are expected to prevail in the next two days throughout the Regional Unit, in accordance with the forecasts of EMY and the instructions of the Civil Protection.

The nurseries and kindergartens of the Municipality of Chania will remain closed for the same period.

Municipality of Rethymno

The Municipality of Rethymno, its Department of Education and the competent Deputy Mayor Mr. George Georgalis, with the consent of the Directors of the Primary School Mr. L. Karvouni and the Secondary School Mr. I. Gazanou, announce that Primary and Secondary schools of the Municipality of Rethymno will remain closed on Monday 24 and Tuesday 25 January 2022.

The joint decision was taken given the extreme weather phenomena that will prevail in the next two days in Rethymno. It is already snowing in the District of the Municipality while the low temperatures that prevail may cause frost on the road, a condition that makes the movement of students, teachers and parents in schools particularly dangerous.

In addition, due to the cold, it becomes practically impossible to implement the health protocol due to a pandemic according to which the windows of the classrooms must be left open during the lessons.

For the above reasons and with priority the safety and health of the students, the Primary Schools, Gymnasiums and Lyceums of the Municipality of Rethymno will reopen on Wednesday, January 26, 2022.

Municipality of Mylopotamos
By decision of the Mayor, all schools in the Municipality of Mylopotamos of both levels of education will remain closed on Monday, January 24 and Tuesday, January 25, 2022 due to adverse weather conditions. A similar decision applies to the Kindergartens throughout the Municipality of Mylopotamos.

Municipality of Heraklion
The Municipality of Heraklion, through the competent Deputy Mayor of Education Stella Kalogeraki – Archontaki and with the consent of the Directors of Primary and Secondary Education of Heraklion, decides the suspension of classes in the schools of the Municipality for Monday, January 24 due to created in the implementation of health protocols to prevent the spread of Covid – 19.
The situation will be re-evaluated on Monday when there will be a new announcement.

Municipality of Gortyna
Due to the snowfall and the very low temperatures recorded in D.E. Agia Varvara and Rouva, of the Municipality of Gortyna and taking into account the forecast of EMY for the next 24 hours, all schools (Nursery, Kindergartens, Kindergartens, Primary, Gymnasiums, Lyceums) in the above Municipal Units will remain closed on Monday 24 and Tuesday 25/1, for precautionary reasons, for the protection of students, teachers and employees in the cleanliness of schools.
In D.E. Gortynas and Kofina, the schools will operate normally. In case, however, that the severe weather phenomena extend to these Municipal Units and if problems arise regarding the operation of the schools, there will be newer information.

Municipality of Phaistos
Due to the intense weather phenomena that prevail both in the mountainous volume of the Municipality of Phaistos, and in the plain and due to the forecast by the National Meteorological Service that predicts intensity of the phenomena during the next twenty-four hours, both the Nursery Schools and the Municipal Schools of Phaistos, and Kindergartens of all levels will remain closed in all Municipal Units, on Monday 24 and Tuesday 25 January 2022, in order to protect students, teachers, parents and staff.

Municipality of Agios Nikolaos

Due to the unfavorable weather conditions that prevail in the Municipality of Agios Nikolaos and with the forecast for intensity of the weather phenomena, according to a decision of the Mayor of Agios Nikolaos Mr. Antonis Zervou, the schools of both levels will remain closed tomorrow Monday (24/1) education as well as kindergartens in the Municipality.

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