Bats, styli, boxers’ protective armpits and all kinds of paraphernalia used by hooligans in organized attacks, the authorities found in a hidden arsenal, a few meters away from the scene of Michalis Katsouri’s murder at the New Philadelphia stadium.

The findings have been transferred to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations where they will be tested for genetic material, while police are reviewing video footage from the scene to determine whether those involved in the attack hid weapons in the area.

“We found blood on many of their weapons. We analyze the blood. We are frantically searching for a person who helped him. The last person who spoke to him, what he lied to him, what he said to him”, says the police analyst, Stavros Balaskas

In the Forensic Laboratories, the comparison of the DNA of those arrested, with the genetic material from the evidence that has been identified, and with the samples taken and the forensic examination continues, to determine if there is an identification that will reveal the murderer.

The fatal blow has been captured on video material in the possession of the Police.

Cameras around the AEK stadium in New Philadelphia appear to have recorded additional suspects, who have so far eluded arrest, for the bloody incidents in the early hours of 8/8.

The above can undoubtedly be considered reasonable considering how the arrests are up to this time 105 while the hooligans who starred in the bloody episodes are estimated at least 150.

In any case, according to what the authorities report, in the list of suspects which has been compiled in relation to the possible perpetrator of the murder of 29-year-old Michalis, there are people who are not included among the 105 arrested.

Security men have spent the last few days gathering video from security cameras of the area’s shops and the stadium in an attempt to piece together the tragic events.

In fact, from the processing and study of the relevant material, the extent of the murderous rampage against the unfortunate Michalis can be seen since, as captured on the cameras, after the fatal stabbing, the 29-year-old, in his attempt to escape from the scene, receives blows from behind with bats .

An important development in terms of the progress of the investigations, however, is the fact that last night security men they located the “army point” of the hooligans near the location where Michalis was murdered.

In more detail, the authorities were alerted by a neighbor, rushed to the area and found styli, bats and even protective armpits used by boxers, hidden in a place right next to a flower shop on the perimeter of the AEK stadium.

The findings were collected with special care and were placed in special bags in order not to alter any genetic material or fingerprints that they may carry.

They have already been sent to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations for examination.

In fact, there is also a video of the location where the arsenal was found, which the authorities already have in their possession.

The footage shows Hulingans leaving “munitions” there, and based on the images it is estimated that the individuals hid the weapons there during their escape, after the bloody incidents. in order to avoid arrest.