Today, the image of the fire that broke out on Thursday afternoon in the Stavros position of the Kerasia area in the southwestern part of Mount Athos is better, signaling an alarm to the authorities, as it is a difficult place.

According to the Fire Department, early Friday morning the forces are faced with scattered but not alarming outbreaks, while no lives have been endangered nor have any damages been caused to monasteries.

The fire is raging in a spot in a wooded area with dense vegetation, while there are huts and cells, but not in close proximity.

36 firefighters with three vehicles, four pedestrian units, two aircraft and two helicopters are operating at the scene.

It is recalled that since yesterday there has been an appeal to the pilgrims who climb to the top of Mount Athos to return to the monasteries where they are staying, while since Friday morning the monks’ recommendation is not to attempt the ascent until the fire is fully under control.

This is because there are many paths that lead to the slopes and the top of the mountain, some of which pass by the point of the fire.

It is noted that tomorrow, Saturday August 19, is the festival of the Transfiguration of the Savior and is celebrated by the small church on the top of Mount Athos, at an altitude of 2,033 meters. The small temple which was inaugurated in 1895 gathers every year a large number of pilgrims, many of whom climb the peak from previous days and camp there.

About 100 pilgrims were on Thursday night at the refuge of Panagia, at an altitude of 1,500 meters and after recommendations they stayed there, where they spent the night.

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