On Monday, August 28, the submission of applications begins for the financial support of the residents of the Municipality of Alexandroupoli who were affected by the fires.

According to a relevant announcement by the municipal Authority, the interested fire victims can contact the Department of Social Policy and Gender Equality, of the Directorate of Social Protection, Education and Sports at 2 Kartali Street, Polisinoiko of the Municipality of Alexandroupolis.

Submission of applications will last until Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Clarifications on the declaration process – registration and grant of the businesses and farms affected by the fires was issued by the Evros Regional Unit. According to this announcement, the following apply:

Businesses and agricultural holdings affected by the fires, are sponsored by the Directorate of State Aid of the Ministry of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection.

The Region is competent to set up committees to record damages caused to businesses, industrial and craft units, shops and to agricultural holdings, i.e. agricultural holdings and livestock units, (with the exception of damage to plant and animal capital and plant production), which exercise legal economic activity, regardless of their form, including sole proprietorships, freelancers, and non-profit entities.

After demarcating the area as fire-affected the Region sends the necessary business supporting documents to the mentioned ministry, which proceeds to check them and pays the beneficiaries the grant.

What the grant covers for affected businesses and farms

The grant covers material damage caused by the fire in assets, such as equipment, raw materials, goods, trucks for public and private use, as well as commercial vehicles, means of production, including land capital and stored products, which were recorded as damaged.

Building damage is not subsidized by State Aid. For building damage to businesses, those affected should apply with their application to the Directorate for the Restoration of Natural Disasters of Northern Greece, Navarinou 28, Kalamaria Thessaloniki, Telephone number Secretariat: 2310417586 Mr. Tzouvara and Mr. Tzikas, which is the competent agency for granting housing assistance.

The damage registration committee of the Regional Unit of Evros for the businesses (commercial) of the Municipality of Alexandroupolis and Soufli that were affected by the fire, accepts applications in the building that houses the Regional Unit of Evros, at 40 Karaoli and Dimitriou, on the 1st floor in office 3, Contact numbers: 25513 50513 and 50510, from Monday August 28, 2023, in order for autopsies to begin.

The damage registration committees of the Evros Regional Unit for the agricultural businesses of the Municipalities of Alexandroupoli and Soufli applications are accepted from Monday, August 28, 2023 to ELGA correspondents in the local municipalities of Alexandroupoli and Soufli, as well as in the Makri Community, the Municipal Unit of Feron and the Municipal Unit of Traianoupoli.