Ioanna Mandrou

Heavy criminal prosecution for the abominable incident of the brutal murder of the 36-year-old man last night in Piraeus was brought by the Piraeus Prosecutor’s Office, where those responsible for the unprecedented brutality that has shocked public opinion and created a chill among citizens and intense concerns about social alienation which is declared by said criminal act.

The Piraeus Prosecutor’s Office brought a criminal prosecution for manslaughter committed with possible intent against the crew member who systematically pushed the unfortunate 36-year-old until he finally threw him into the sea, where he tragically died.

The other two members of the crew who each participated in their own way in the heinous incident are being prosecuted for complicity in the murder which was carried out with possible intent.

The captain who not only did not back down, but continued as if nothing had happened is being prosecuted under the new provisions passed after the Tempe tragedy for dangerous interference with marine traffic which is also a felony.

The penalties provided for these offenses are up to life.

At the same time, an urgent investigation will be carried out by the Prosecutor’s Office on the responsibilities of the Coast Guard, whether it was there to prevent the tragedy and what it did when the ship left, leaving the 36-year-old helpless to his fate.