Images of destruction from the fury of the storm Daniel hit the area, can be seen in the largest part of the Municipality of Domokos.

The 381 mm of water that fell from the particular wave in the area, of which 161 within 4 hours, from noon on Wednesday (6/9) until 5:30 pm, destroyed infrastructure, leaving behind except the damages of millions, blockaded villages.

Petroto, as well as the villages of Agrapidia and Achladia, they are blocked from the main road network due to the collapse of two bridges and the destruction of an important part of the road.


The destruction in Vardali and on the road that connects it to the old national network, however there is an alternative route for residents to travel. It is worth noting that the bed of the stream reached 30 meters.


All the villages on the Thessaly side faced problems, especially in Sofiada and the settlement of Petrilia, where the inhabitants were trapped in the torrents and rescue crews with bulldozers from the Region were needed to extricate them.

The waters have not receded in Neo Monastiri and in the wider area where there are continuous water responses by the Fire Service.