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The success of culinary programs led to stardom a series of professionals who were already famous in the gastronomic world, but who expanded their names in the public’s knowledge. Among them, Paola Carosella, Erick Jacquin, Henrique Fogaça, Bela Gil, Claude Troisgros, Helena Rizzo, Olivier Anquier and Rodrigo Oliveira are just some of those who migrated from the kitchen to TV.

Edu Guedes, Ana Hickmann and Caio Castro at the opening of Actors Burguers in São Paulo

Edu Guedes, Ana Hickmann and Caio Castro at the opening of Actors Burguers in São Paulo

Edu Guedes, Ana Hickmann and Caio Castro at the opening of Actors Burguers in São Paulo – Sal Ricardo/Disclosure

But the reverse path has also happened. Famous names for their work on TV, sports or music are also behind restaurants, bars and coffee shops, although not necessarily in the kitchen. From Garrincha and Elza Soares in the 1970s to actor Milhem Cortaz, owner of the bakery Cortaz O Pão, the movement has become increasingly common.

See below spaces in São Paulo that have celebrities among their partners

Actors Burgers

The hamburger shop gained some hype at its inauguration when it announced actor Caio Castro as one of its creators, alongside chef Edu Guedes. The house’s bet is the smash burgers, which have become a rage in the capital of São Paulo and are already part of the menu of a variety of hamburger joints. In Castro’s development, in addition to food, it is possible to train in a gym located on the mezzanine floor. Prices range from R$15 to R$18 (hamburgers) and R$8 to R$10 (fries).
R. Teodoro Sampaio, 900, Pinheiros, west region, @actorsburguers

Ancestral Kitchen Altar

The Pernambuco restaurant run by chef Carmen Virgínia, which presents the program Uma Senhora Panela, on GNT, gained public attention when it opened in São Paulo with singer Luísa Sonza as a partner. The performer of songs like “Cachorrinhas” and “Combatchy” has already cooked in space. The menu has dishes like cabidela chicken (R$75), made with brown sauce, fava beans, farofa bolão and sweet potato, and vatapá pies with shrimp and black cheese (R$42) among the highlights.
R. Medeiros de Albuquerque, 270, Vila Madalena, west region, @restaurantealtarsp

Luisa Sonza and Dona Carmem Virgínia

Luisa Sonza and Dona Carmem Virgínia

Luísa Sonza and Dona Carmem Virgínia cook together at the Altar – Andréia Rego Barros

Candy Sushi Bar & Club

A mix of a nightclub and a sushi bar, the space in Jardins has actress and singer Cleo, formerly known as Cleo Pires, among its partners. Those who choose to visit the restaurant can visit the house from Thursday to Saturday, from 7 pm to 11 pm, and try dishes such as filet mignon with yam purée (R$ 75) and octopus carpaccio (R$ 96). From 23:00, the kitchen gives way to the ballad, which maintains part of the bar’s menu.
Al. Lorena, 2119, Cerqueira César, west region, @candysaopaulo

Celebrities posing for photos in neon colors

Celebrities posing for photos in neon colors

Cleo and her husband, Leandro – AgNews


The Colombian reggaeton singer Maluma invested in the line of smash burgers and lent his name to his own brand, which works only for delivery in Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Brazil. In São Paulo, the menu consists of hamburgers, hot dogs and desserts like brownie. The combo that includes cheeseburger, fries and drink starts at R$39.90.
R. Abolição, 105, Bela Vista, central region, @dembowbymaluma. Delivery via iFood and Rappi


Located inside the Galeria Café nightclub, the restaurant has actor and singer Cláudio Lins among its partners. The menu is designed by Rio de Janeiro chef Roberta Ciasca, from Miam Miam, with interventions by the house chef, Daniela Sardinha. The highlights are the spaghetti with shrimp, accompanied by eggplant, cherry tomatoes, aliche, pepper and arugula, as well as crunchy bread farofa (R$ 69).
Pça. Benedito Calixto, 103, Pinheiros, west region

Splash Urban Beverages

The chain of coffee shops has the presenter Sabrina Sato among the partners and is spread in different parts of the city, in neighborhoods such as Pinheiros, Mooca, Santana, Saúde, Tatuapé and also in municipalities such as Osasco, Jundiaí, Mauá, among others. The cafeterias have a standardized menu typical of chains of the genre, with frappes starting at R$21.90, cheese bread at R$6.90 and ham coxinha at R$11.90.
Av. Dr. Antônio Maria Laet, 566, Parada Inglesa, north region, @bebasplash

Sabrina Sato at Splash coffee shop

Sabrina Sato at Splash coffee shop

Sabrina Sato at Splash coffee shop – Disclosure

Source: Folha

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