Buried in water and mud several villages of the Regional Units of Trikala and Karditsa have been affected by the devastating attack of bad weather Daniel, with the municipal authorities asking for immediate and substantial intervention by the state, to open roads, to restore road connections and where possible to enable residents to return to their homes their.

At the same time in areas such as Municipality of Farkadona in P.E. Trikala which has suffered a biblical disaster, as villages are under water, the authorities speak of a lack of medicine, food and water, they specifically ask for food rations to have an immediate response on a daily basis.

The great concern of the residents in all the affected areas has to do with the receding of the waters, when it will happen and above all in what condition they will find their houses when they return to them.

At the same time in some villages the transport of the dead animals also began, as the bad weather caused a big blow to the livestock of the regions, plunging the breeders into despair, for the next day.

Also thousands of acres of crops are covered with water, with the result that, for this year at least, the income for the Thessalian farmer has been lost with all that this entails for their families.

The mayor of Pyli, Mr. Kostas Maravas, where the mountainous part of the municipality suffered incalculable disasters, with a letter to the prime minister stresses the need to advance the Gate dam. Among other things he notes:

“We have to keep the water in the mountains, with small and bigger dams, in order to direct it from there, in a controlled manner, to our rivers, depending on the prevailing conditions.

At the same time, let’s use these dams for production, energy, irrigation, water supply.

In this context, the conversation that has been opened for years by our Municipality and the Municipality of Trikkaia about the gate dama dam that would forever solve the problem of water supply and irrigation in our areas, while it would greatly limit the waters that rush, due to the altitude differences, through the Portaikos river to Pinios”.

The Municipality of Mouzaki, in his announcement he emphasizes that there is a great desire of municipalities, associations, organizations, businessmen, and also ordinary citizens from all over Greece, to send help for the flood victims in the Municipality of Mouzaki.

Thus, the municipal administration issued a relevant announcement on the first aid items currently needed by those affected in the flood-affected areas.

In particular, the necessary material is:

  • Bottled water
  • Packaged food, (dry food), canned food and milk.
  • Hygiene items, cleaners, disinfectants.
  • Medicinal first aid material.
  • Clothing and footwear.
  • Beds, bedding, mattresses.
  • Fodder for productive and domestic animals.

The Municipality of Mouzaki informs that volunteer groups are being formed to clean the houses of flood victims in the affected local communities.

Also great was the response of the engineers-members of the Regional Department of Central and Western Thessaly to the invitation sent by the Chamber for their registration in the Register of Volunteer Engineers to Respond to Natural Disasters and their voluntary participation in supporting the actions required in the next period for the registration of the damages caused by the catastrophic passage of the “Daniel” phenomenon.

The details of the volunteers have already been forwarded to the Directorate for the Rehabilitation of the Effects of Natural Disasters (DAEFK), who are at the disposal of the Civil Protection and ready to assist in the autopsies and the recording of the damages.