In line of mobilizations this afternoon will be the Thessalonikidue to the presence of the prime minister, Kyriakou Mitsotakis at the 87th TIF.

The Prime Minister’s speech at the Exhibition is scheduled for 20:00 at the “Ioannis Vellidis” conference center.

On the occasion of Mr. Mitsotakis’ speech, unions and collectives are calling for mobilizations.

At 18:00, people opposed to the issuance of new IDs are expected to hold a protest rally at the White Tower. At the same time collectives and members of the extra-parliamentary Left will hold a rally at the statue of Venizelos.

Traffic regulations

Due to the presence of Kyriakos Mitsotakis and the mobilizations that have been planned, they will be implemented Traffic regulations from the Thessaloniki Traffic Directorate in the city center.

The announcement in detail:

The Traffic Directorate of Thessaloniki announces that, in the context of the “87th D.E.T.H.”, the parallel events – speeches and the planned protest gatherings – marches, the following traffic regulations will be applied in the city center:

a. From 06:00 on Friday (15-09-2023) until 20:00 on Sunday (17-09-2023) the parking of all vehicles will not be allowed on the following streets of the city center:

-Angelaki, along her entire length.

-Nation. Amynis, from Agios Dimitrios to Lefkos Pyrgos Square.

-St. Dimitriou, from Evangelistria Square to September 3rd and from Proxenos to Stefanos Dragoumis.

-C. Lambrakis, from Egnatia until September 3rd.

-Armenopoulou, from Melenikos to Ethn. Defense.

-N. Germanou, from Lefkos Pyrgos Square to X.A.N.Th Square.

– Jasonidou, from Egnatia to Ag. Dimitriou.

-L. Stratou, from Kavtanzoglou to X.A.N.Th Square.

-September 3, from M. Alexandrou to Agios Dimitrios.

b. On Saturday (16-09-2023), from 3:30 p.m. gradually, depending on the progress of the events and until their completion, all vehicles will not be allowed to travel on the following streets of the city center:

– Bas. Olgas, from M. Botsaris to Agia Triados.

– Bas. Georgiou, from Agia Triados to M. Andronikos.

– Ave. Victory, throughout its length.

– Kountourioti, along its entire length.

– Mr. Karamanlis, from Katsimidis until September 3rd.

-Egnatia, from Lagadas until September 3rd.

-Nation. Amynis, from Agios Dimitrios to Lefkos Pyrgos Square.

-Tsimiski, along its entire length.

-Agiou Dimitriou, from Lagadas to Stefanos Dragoumis.

-Agia Sophia, from Egnatia to Agia Sophia Square, as well as around the perimeter of Agia Sophia Square.

-PI. Mela, along its entire length.

– Venizelou, along its entire length.

d. The current ban on stopping and parking on Tsimiski, Egnatia and Agia Sofia streets, as well as on Nikis and M. Alexandrou avenues, is recalled.

Principal drivers are requested to remove their vehicles from the above mentioned roads.
From 15:30 on Saturday (16-09-2023) and until the end of the relevant events, the traffic of vehicles will be carried out gradually, from East to West of the city through the streets Katsimidis – Peripheral Street – Ag. Dimitriou (as far as the conditions allow) – Olympiados and from West to East of the city through 26th of October – Lagada and Peripheral Street, as well as from Agios Dimitriou, as far as the conditions allow.
To facilitate traffic, our Service will take increased traffic measures, with all its strength, and there will be traffic controllers at key intersections.
We ask for the understanding and cooperation of citizens.