The Psychosocial Support Telephone Line 10306 of the Ministry of Health provides specialized psychological support to every person who has been affected either directly or indirectly by the floods in Thessaly, free of charge and anonymously, around the clock, with a special service.

Psychologists and social workers provide support for the relief and emotional strengthening of our fellow human beings, who have been affected by the floods, so that they can regain the necessary mental resilience to deal effectively with their very difficult everyday life.

At the same time, an investigation of their wider psychosocial needs is carried out, an interface with the mental health services in their place of residence, as well as the mobile psychosocial support units of the Ministry of Health, which are already active on the ground in Thessaly.

The line can also be addressed by those who perceive incidents of people with disabilities, without family support, who need partial or total care.

The Psychosocial Support Telephone Line 10306 operates and is supervised by the Ministry of Health in collaboration with the Federation of Mental Health Agencies Argo and the First University Psychiatric Clinic of the EKPA.