The Bodosaki Foundation and CHANEL Foundation cooperate in order to promote gender equality and women’s empowerment in Greece and announce the support of 15 organizations from all over the country.

The partnership concerns the capacity building of fifteen selected small and medium-sized Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), active in these sectors and includes a personalized 5-month Capacity Building Program, from Social Dynamo, the NGO Hub of the Bodosakis Foundation. The Capacity Development Program will provide participating organizations with access to a wide range of services including training, mentoring, coaching, legal and financial advisory services. It also includes subsidizing the organizations that will participate in the program with small-scale donations, up to €10,000, for the implementation of actions to develop their organization, as well as actions to promote gender equality and/or empower women.

The aim is to support the development of smaller organizations across the country in order to maximize the impact of their work and become more sustainable themselves.

Here are the 15 selected organizations from all over Greece and the programs they will implement:

1. Women Do Business
Project: Three-month Mentoring program “Find your mentor”
2. The Alliance of the Sexes
Project: Exploring, experimenting and reconstructing new healthy expressions
3. Hellenic Association of University Women (ELEGYP)
Project: The Gender Map of HEIs in Greece
4. Midwifery
Project: Genderyard: Cultivating gender equality in public schools through educational workshops and vegetable gardens
5. Genderhood
Project: Yes/no for Educators: A Guide to Cultivating Consent Skills in the Learning Environment
6. Union of Drama Ladies-S.A.F.
Project: Empowering women in critical areas
7. SONORA: Interdisciplinary Society for Music Therapy and Research
Project: Claiming my voice: The feminist perspective in music therapy
8. Children First Greece – Children First Greece
Project: Promoting the Girls Empowering Girls program to empower mothers and daughters of single-parent families
9. Rise Club Urban Non-Profit Corporation
Project: WoMental
10. Hellenic Committee for International Relations of Medical Students
Project: How to treat your Patient: Advocacy to fight gender-based violence
11. We Need Books
Project: Let’s talk about our labor rights! A seminar by women for women
Project: Strengthening Greek Women in STEM – supporting actions to celebrate Greek women in STEM
13. I read for others (DgtA)
Project: All Women One Voice
14. Home-Start Greece
Project: Improving the capacities of Home-Start Greece for more effective and more impactful actions to empower socially vulnerable mothers
15. Storymentor-Stories that Change the World

The need for this initiative is clear, as the report of the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) for 2022 ranked Greece last among European countries in terms of gender equality for another year, with the lowest scores to be in the areas of power and financial decision-making. At the same time, the Bodosaki Foundation has noted the need to support throughout the country the organizational development of smaller organizations, which are active in the field of gender equality.

For the Bodosaki Foundation, the promotion of gender equality in Greece is of primary importance. For this purpose, it has made a series of donations to organizations active in the field, has supported the General Secretariat of Demographic and Family Policy and Gender Equality and has undertaken initiatives to promote gender equality in the workplace. Also, the Bodosaki Foundation is a member of the Alliance for Gender Equality in Europe.

At the same time, the Foundation specializes in providing organizational empowerment services to Civil Society bodies in Greece through Social Dynamo. The Social Dynamo expresses the Foundation’s vision for a dynamic, healthy Civil Society that acts, influences, mobilizes and with this goal offers integrated support to its agencies based on learning, professional support and networking.

Since its launch in 2017, Social Dynamo has welcomed more than 10,400 representatives of CSOs, supporting the organizational empowerment of more than 1,300 CSOs from all over Greece, in collaboration with an extensive network of 250 partners, including organizations (KEMEL, Hellenic Coaching Association), businesses, international NGOs as well as experienced mentors and lecturers.

Fondation CHANEL aims to give women and girls the freedom to shape their own future. Over the past 12 years, she has built a highly effective charity that has directly impacted over a million women around the world. Fondation CHANEL believes that those who are closest to the problems are also the best suited to develop the most effective solutions. This principle is reflected in the long-term relationships he develops with his partners, as well as in supporting their organizational development and spreading their message. Fondation CHANEL has been actively pursuing partnerships in Greece since 2017.