Canaries descend on… world championships for their naiveties. Mr. Sotiris Fasoulis, from Colonos, has distinguished himself in many canary competitions and has received dozens of medals.

He himself, as he mentioned on SKAI and the show “Mismatched”, is a breeder and judge of canary races.

“I deal with the breeding of canaries, specifically Gloucester fancy ones, which are the most famous all over the world,” he said.

Gloucester fancy canaries known for their naivety

“I am a world champion in my breed. These canaries are considered models, because they compete for their appearance. Gloucester fancy are known for their naivete.’

As for which canaries are the ones that win most of the time, Mr. Fasoulis replied that “the females usually win”.

Then he showed to the SKAI camera, the female canary that will compete in the next world championship.