Heavy snowfall in Metochi, Evia – Which roads require chains?

Heavy snowfall in Metochi, Evia – Which roads require chains?

Heavy snowfall in Metochi of the Municipality of Kymi Aliveri.

The snowfall started in the mountains of the village, but the main provincial road of Chalkida – Kymi is open and at the same time salt is thrown.

The meteorologist, Klearchos Marousakis, spoke to evima.gr, for the new deterioration of the weather, warning of its development in Evia.

“A new wave of bad weather is expected to hit Evia, from today with strong storms and snowfall which will be accompanied by strong winds. Special care is needed as intense flooding is expected, which in combination with the melting snow “could cause big problems again in Evia”.

Where chains are required

The General Regional Police Directorate of Central Greece announces that, due to the severe weather conditions, the situation on the road network is as follows:

Prohibition of traffic of all types of heavy vehicles, maximum permissible weight over 3.5 tons, on the National Road Chalkida – Edipsos, from 16h / th (Kastela) to 42nd h / h (Prokopi), with the movement of other vehicles to be carried out using anti-skid chains.

In addition, the movement of vehicles, due to snowfall, is carried out using anti-skid chains:

• On the Provincial Road of Agios Athanasios – Glyfada.

• On the Provincial Road of Kontodespoti – Agia Sofia.

• On the Provincial Road Steni – Stroponon.

• On the Provincial Road Vouta – Papadon, through Kokkinomilia.


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