Major flooding phenomena are occurring due to the bad weather on the road from Halki to Platykambos, while the village of Sotirio, which has once again been evacuated from its approximately 200 inhabitants, is facing serious problems.

In the municipality of Kileler, according to information, the Gusbasaniotis dam has broken and is threatening the villages of Halki and Platykambos, while traffic has been stopped on the Platykambo-Halkis road.

From Wednesday afternoon there are new power outages in villages near the city. The village of Neo Perivoli in the municipality of Killeler, the settlement Anagennisi of the local community of Melia in the municipality of Killeler and Dimitra in the municipality of Agias are without electricity.

Shortly before 11:00 p.m., a 112 message was sent to the areas of Armeni and Niki, through which residents are asked to evacuate towards Larissa.

Several roads are blocked throughout the prefecture of Larissa, but also of Magnesia.

In particular, the General Regional Police Directorate of Thessaly announces that, due to problems created by the adverse weather conditions (heavy rainfall and large volume of water), the traffic of all vehicles has been temporarily suspended:

(a) in P.E.O. Larissa – Volos from Junction 304 PEV to the city of Volos in both traffic streams (toward Volos & to Larissa).

(b) in E.O. Volos – Farsalon from the “Red” position to Mikrothebes in both traffic streams (to Mikrothebes & to Volos).

At the same time, nearby villages face the risk of being flooded again. A 112 message was sent earlier to the residents in Sotirios where the electricity supply has been interrupted as well as in Armenio.

The Larissa-Farsala road is closed

At the same time, the General Regional Police Directorate of Thessaly announces that, due to adverse weather conditions, the following temporary traffic regulations apply:

(a) Interruption of all vehicle traffic on the Larissa – Farsala National Highway in both traffic streams, from the limits of the Municipal Community of Nicea (p. 8+000) to Farsala.

(b) Cessation of the traffic of all vehicles in E.O. Farsala – Volos, from Farsala to the borders with the Magnesia Regional Unit.

(c) Suspension of all vehicle traffic on the road network of the Municipality of Farsala.


a. Roadside Assistance vehicles.