The citizen who insulted him finally apologized Achillea Beo, with the result that the mayor of Volos will hand in judgment. The mayor posted a video from City Hall in which he talks to the 26-year-old, with the “morning hot episode” considered over.

In the video, Mr. Beos can be heard saying that “when you reach my age and someone comes and curses you, see how you react, and especially when what I do, I do it for you and I have no interest.”

The mayor asked the citizen how old he has been with him answering 26. Then the mayor told him: “you have the right to make other mistakes” and shook hands with him, while one of the mayor’s staff is heard saying “apologise to the mayor,” with the citizen apologizing. “I don’t want an apology, I’m not a priest to forgive you,” replied the mayor.

In his post, Mr. Beos noted “as I wrote before we are living in unprecedented situations, where tension and irritation from everyone are in excess. And when we all calm down and see things calmly, everything is restored. So a little while ago I was happy to see in my office my young fellow citizen with whom I had an episode in Alli Meria coming to apologize. As a father and as a mayor of course I accepted him, we discussed and resolved the misunderstanding. He apologized to me, but as I told him, I am not a priest to forgive and therefore no apology is needed. I ask for understanding and cooperation from everyone. I am not on the streets for any self-interest. Mistakes may also be made. But I am fighting for the city, to provide solutions for fellow citizens.

The episode provoked the reaction of the president of SYRIZA Stefanos Kasselakis and the response of New Democracy.