The violence in the schools of Patras is growing exponentially with episodes that are now becoming “routine” for the school communities.

Both in the Police and in the Directorate of Secondary Education, it exists complaint by the mother of a 1st High School studentat the 5th Gymnasium of Patras for a serious incident with a classmate.

The 13-year-old was attacked by his peer, immobilized him by the head, threw him to a terrace and the unfortunate teenager fell face down on the marble. Result, breaking his two front teeth. The child was taken covered in blood to the Karamandan Children’s Hospital, where he was offered first aid and now his mother is looking for a private dentist to restore her child’s teeth, of course at her own expense. The strange thing is (according to what she reported to “Peloponnisos”) that the parents of the other child were not located.

However, the principal of the school informed the complaining mother about the home address of the 13-year-old. The young man was in state of shock and even today he expresses fear of his presence at school. Now, the case will go to court, while the Directorate of Secondary Education is also conducting an investigation.