When they met for the first time about a year ago in Nashville, United States, there was an idea swirling in everyone’s mind: how to organize their second meeting, this time in the country where they were born but which they were deprived of before they really got to know the world around them.

Children born in Greece, who were adopted decades ago in America, now return as adults to the homeland they were forced to leave without themselves being aware of what was happening, wanting to find the end of the thread that will lead them to their biological families.

From October 14-19 they will be in Greece for their second reunion some of these children, looking for their roots in an event organized by “The Eftychia Project”, a non-profit organization that provides help and support to all who, like its founder Linda Carol Trotter (or Eftychia Noula), they want to find their biological relatives. She herself made it a few years ago and now, she says, she wants others to feel the joy and thrill of the reunion.

“We are very happy about this event” he emphasizes and explains: “our first reunion, last year, was completely successful and we could not think of a better continuation than to meet for the second reunion, in our homeland, Greece. There are no words to describe how important this is to all of us, especially those who have never returned to Greece since they were adopted decades ago. And we will have the opportunity to meet with Greek families who may be looking for one of us. But above all we have the opportunity to explore our homeland together and support each other.”

Hundreds of children were sent for adoption in America in the period 1948-1962 and although many of them lived a happy life next to their adoptive parents, there came a moment in their adult life when they began to search for their roots and their right, as they emphasize, in the recovery of their Greek identity, the one they lost without their will.

They will start the journey of searching and reconnecting with their Greek roots from Athens and from the Melina Merkouri Spiritual Centerwhich will host on October 14 her opening ceremony. Will continue with visits to orphanages which hosted some of these children in the first days of their lives and from which they started their journey to America but also in emblematic places – locations of the Greek land, such as the Acropolis and its Museum, Plaka, the Corinth Canal, Delphi etc.

“This is a golden opportunity for Greek adoptees (in America) and Greek families looking for their “lost” children, through adoptions, in America, Europe and the rest of the world, to all come together here, with us, in Greece, where it all started” notes Toula Vrysioti, vice president of “The Eftychia Project”.

All Greek adoptees and their biological families who want to participate in the reunion can visit “The Eftychia Project” website or Facebook page for more information. Alternatively one can send an email to [email protected].