A few days before the accident at her home which cost her her life, Mary Chronopoulou gave an exclusive interview to an OPEN show.

The beloved actress had spoken about how her life was saying that “I don’t lack fun in my life, but the embrace and tenderness. My life would be easier if I had someone to support me. I was waiting for test results to see if I had cancer and I had no one to ask if I was okay. I was unlucky in my love life and couldn’t have children. Fateful unlucky moments. If I could go back in time, I would have children.”

Her beauty and talent, as she said, came at a cost:The men in my life were jealous of me as if I were Lucretia Borgia. . I am waiting for joy and faith to come into my life, I’m having a bad time”said Mary Chronopoulou in her interview, among others.

In recent years, life has been particularly hard, as well for 20 years she was paralyzed, but without ever bending her mentally “For 20 years I was in a wheelchair, but every Monday I had a face lift”he characteristically said in the interview.

Mary Chronopoulou had also commented on the new president of SYRIZA, Stefanos Kasselakisstating that “she’s got charm, she’s good at it. When I saw him speak, light fell on our gray political environment.” “I was politicized, there is no party that has made me passionate like PASOK“, she noted, referring to politics.