It was restored the operation of the electricity transmission lines Larissa – Larymna and Schimatari – ‘Agra, which had suffered significant damage from the catastrophic storm “Daniel” that hit Thessaly, was fully operational.

As he mentions the ADMIE their restoration work, costing 500,000 euros, was completed in record time and after targeted geotechnical and static studies were prepared for the affected sections of the Transmission Lines.

“As part of the work, the experienced technical staff of ADMIE built three new pylons and carried out repairs on an additional five, restoring the orderly operation of important high and ultra-high voltage Transmission Lines that pass through central Greece”, emphasizes the Administrator.

During the restoration work, the operation of the Electricity Transmission System remained stable, as the network of the area is dense and alternative electrical roads were used to feed the distribution network.

“In the midst of a climate crisis, ADMIE is prioritizing the resilience of its infrastructure both at the level of prevention – by implementing an expanded critical equipment renewal program – and repairing damage as quickly as possible”, it is further emphasized.