The situation at the Lamia hospital is borderline as described by the hospital doctors.

According to, in the new “emergency press release” of the Hospital Doctors of the General Hospital of Lamia, there is talk of doctors who are forced by “mandate” to do other people’s work, on-calls that exceed human endurance, but also on-calls without the necessary medical staff with what this entails mainly for patients.

They again express their protest about the conditions they face, but also their anxiety that we are leading to a tragic impasse. In fact, they specifically mention how the emergency rooms functioned the previous Saturday (14/10) and Monday (16/10) with qualified doctors and without coverage of important specialties.

“We’ll go and see, it’s not politics. It is criminal negligence. Not even negligence after so many warnings”, the ENIAL doctors conclude.

Read the entire announcement of the Association of Hospital Physicians of Lamia (ENIAL):

“The G.N. Lamias is in the worst moment of its existence, unfortunately until the next one. He is left alone and helpless, as is the entire NSS.

The current operation of the hospital is based exclusively on the use of laws that lead to “entellesthe”, that is, forced vigilance, using as a cover the principle of public health protection. They force the few remaining doctors into work outside of their specialty and position in the hospital using legal gimmicks for their legal cover.

Since the beginning of the month, the anesthesiology department has been operating in the following on-call schedule for these 16 days: 3 on-calls by anesthesiologists from another structure, one on-call by an ICU anesthesiologist, two on-calls by the private anesthesiologist who has a contract with the hospital for one on-call per week and 10 calls from the only permanent Anesthetist of our hospital. The administration of the hospital in consultation with the 5th Ministry of Health today decided to use three of the four Intensivists of the ICU with a specialty of anesthesiologist, to give a total of three shifts in the anesthesiology department, with the simultaneous presence of the department’s only Anesthesiologist on standby duty. The reason for the readiness is obviously related to the fact that the function of an Intensivist – Anesthesiologist is not the same as that of an anesthesiologist in the operating room, since he has been performing other duties for years.

So to summarize:

In the first 16 days, the Department’s Anesthesiologist has worked 10 shifts. He will also perform 9 standby shifts.

The Intensivists – Anesthesiologists of the ICU will perform 9 shifts in addition to those in their department

And there will still be another 6 days uncovered by an anesthesiologist for now. Surely the administration and the 5th Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Health will find the right solution…

And some regular surgeries from the list will also be done.

And the administrators, the rulers and those who decide, sleep peacefully at night, protecting public health.

Finally, we would like to inform you about the operating conditions of the Lamia Hospital on 24-hour general duty (as every day) on Saturday 10/14/23:

The TEP was covered by 2 specialized Obstetrics-Gynecology Doctors, responsible for surgical cases and a Pathology specialist with a term of only 2 months, responsible for pathological cases.

Pathology clinic: Responsible for 1 day/day Pathologist for >30 hospitalized patients In addition, the emergency room was not covered by:

Pulmonologist in a clinic with more than 20 patients, Neurologist, Urologist, ENT.

Rumor has it that management asked? forced? the qualified doctor of the TEP, who was on duty the day before and the following day to pass by the TEP for a reasonable period of time (four hours was heard). In this way they informally transferred to him the legal responsibility for the good of public health, of course.

On Monday 16/10/2023:

Pulmonologist, Neurologist, Urologist, ENT were not on duty.

The TEP was covered by a General Surgeon commissioned by the surgical clinic, while in the monthly schedule of his clinic, two specialists (cardiology and surgery) were on call. In this way, they weaken the on-call of the surgical clinic and at the same time disclaim any legal responsibility.

Is there any lawyer, or prosecutor in this country who knows the laws regarding the operation of the TEP, the safe administration of anesthesia, if there can be a clinic with a doctor on duty who treats patients and gives a specialty, if an Anesthetist can in 16 days to have done 10 shifts, if a doctor can be on call for more than 30 patients, if a hospital can operate with less than 50% of the planned medical staff positions, if someone can intervene in the operation of departments – units ( surgery, pathology, cardiology, pediatrics, obstetrics gynecology, orthopedics, neurosurgery, vascular surgery) to cover gaps for which his institutional position makes him jointly responsible with his superiors.

Someone tell us why in our eyes all this leads to a tragic dead end. We’ll go and see, it’s not politics. It is criminal negligence. Not even negligence after so many warnings.”