THE President of the Messolonghi Bar Association and Regional Councilor of Western Greece, Christos Paisioswho was in Tirana a few days ago as a representative of the Plenary Assembly of the Bar Associations of Greece, praised the attitude of the Government and the Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, in the matter of Fredis Beleris.

“THE Greek Government she is doing her job perfectly, and yesterday’s statement by the Greek Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, that a solution must be found is a proof of this,” the Supreme Court lawyer stressed on the air of SKAI 100.3.

The President of the Messolonghi Bar Association, who was in Tirana and Durrës with the President of the Plenary of the Greek Bar Associations, Dimitris Vervesos, emphasized that the Plenary will continue to monitor the issue and intervene for the benefit of Beleris and the people of Heimarraes.

“We want to speed up the process with him Fred Beleris at best. THE Plenary meeting of the Bar Associations of Greece monitors the matter in the dimension that the individual liberties of a person and a people, the people of Himarra, are affected.

We moved on September 18 to Albaniawhere the case was heard on appeal in the Special Court – in the neighbor’s attempt to join a more substantial rule of law – where we were only able to participate in the public hearing.

Fred’s attitude is strong and thorough. Albania’s legal system is not compatible with ours. My view is that this is a political prosecution.”