Mobilization by tractor Palama Agricultural Association and other Agricultural Associations of the region, took place today at noon on the Stavros bridge (between Palamas and Itea).

The United Federation of Agricultural Associations of Karditsa (EOASK) together with the Agricultural Associations, a few days ago proceeded to take initiatives to stand out and claim, as they state in a related announcement, “the fair demands of the farmers and all flood victims, in coordination with the other Federations of Thessaly, the associations-carriers of the region».

At the same time as part of the initiatives, today at 7.00 pm in the central square of Karditsa, a concert of solidarity and advocacy is scheduled to take place, with the participation of local artists, Dionysis Tsaknis and Kitrina Podilata. From next week, in coordination with the other Federations of Thessaly, a mobilization has been planned at ELGA in Larissa.

In his statements, the president of EOASK, Kostas Tzelasemphasized: “Almost two months and many flood victims have not yet received even the 6,600 euros promised by the government, nor the sums promised to farmers and breeders.” Those affected, he added, “they don’t know what will happen to the housing, as there are still citizens sleeping in the closed Palamas gymnasium, in miserable conditions.”

He also said that “the levees continue to be broken and we are again in danger of drowning both our fields and our houses.” Well, he concluded, “there is a serious issue of survival”, adding that “there is a lack of government care». The president of the Palamas Agricultural Association, Sotiris Antonioureferred to the difficult picture of the agricultural sector, as “many fields cannot be cultivated” as he pointed out, demanding “100% compensation, no terms and conditions».