Completed business of the Fire Department for release of a couple from Switzerland which they attempted climbing the very difficult Geropotamos gorge in Oiticlose to Gorgopotamo.

Early this morning, the super puma of the Fire Department, with an emotional effort of the pilot, was able and entered the canyon to free the Swiss androgynous from a very difficult spot and then they were taken to the hospital of Lamia by EKAV ambulance.

It all started yesterday afternoon when the Swiss couple, who were experienced climbers, went climbing in a particularly difficult gorge in Gorgopotamos.

Yesterday afternoon, through 112, they notified that the woman had an accident on her leg and that they could not move and asked for help.

It is characteristic that until 6 pm ground forces of the fire brigade that arrived at the scene were trying to locate the exact spot where the trapped people were. A little before 7 in the evening they were spotted by the fire brigade helicopter.

For the 7th EMAK of Lamia and the ground forces it was a particularly difficult undertaking, they needed time and reinforcements were even requested from the EMAK of Athens and Larissa. It was considered particularly difficult to carry out an operation during the night while the pair of climbers had supplies with them and even found themselves on a plateau in the canyon where they were able to spend the night since they had the necessary equipment with them.

From early morning the ground forces started to reach the site but it was extremely difficult as they would have to cross a steep point and would have to attempt a rope descent of about 1000 m to reach them and then retrieve them.

From the beginning it was deemed too dangerous for the helicopter to enter the canyon. The ground forces were continuing their descent into the canyon when the pilot from the Fire Department’s super puma was able, with a sustained but at the same time dangerous flight, to enter the canyon, get close enough to the couple and shortly after 10:00 be able to extricate them from the difficult spot in which they had found themselves.

According to the experts, this specific canyon is particularly difficult, the climbers were experienced and according to what became known, they have climbed at this point another time, but for unknown reasons a blow to the woman’s leg forced them to stop and ask for help.