Evia is shocked by the incident of the serious injury of the well-known experienced cyclist, Vangelis Papadakis in Chalkida.

Vangelis did his weekly training at noon on Friday 27/10/2023, the day after St. Dimitriou, traveling from Mikrochori Kapandritiou, where he lives, to Chalkida.

However, starting from Chalkida at 14:00 he did not return to his home, with his family, soon realizing that something was wrong and mobilizing to locate him.

Vangelis was found by a passing driver at the intersection of Schimatario which turns towards Ag. Georgiou to the workshop of Mallios at this location: https://goo.gl/maps/7BLERZgGPvVzo8Ug7 from where he was picked up a short time later by EKAV to take him urgently to the hospital.

He is currently in the hospital with serious head injuries and difficulty remembering and identifying with his family asking for help looking for any witnesses-knowing around what happened.

In particular, his family and friends are looking for witnesses who may have seen the fall of Vagelis or the involvement of a vehicle that left him injured.

So if you saw or noticed anything related on this particular street for the time period 14:00 – 16:30 on Friday 27/10/2023 please contact the relatives and friends of Vangelis immediately.

On that day, 27/10/2023 he was wearing the clothes in the photo and riding a sports racing bike.

He is a very careful, experienced cyclist and was wearing his helmet.